Battledex Info

Catemon's Evolution. It's claws are very sharp.


Clawmon is the evolution of Catemon. As clawmon it has a head, a small body, a tail, and four feet. It's claws are very sharp, but not long.


Scratch: The user scratches the foe

Fury Claws: The user scratches the foe up to six times.

Bite: The User bites the foe. It may cause the foe to flinch.

Faint Attack: The user dissapears for one turn, then it attacks the foe. May cause the foe to become paralyzed.


Battlemon Adventure ---------- Evolve from Catemon.


Health: 50

Attack: 33

Defense: 22

Special: 31

Speed: 98

Type: Cat/ Poison

Ability: Special Purr

Special: Cat

Friend Rate

Clawmon's Friend Rate is -01.77%.

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