This is an "unofficial" guide to cleaning the Laurel Cove neighborhood pool. If you see anything that is incorrect, please just let me (Daniel) know at 843-1861, and I will correct it. Although this is long, all of the chores here should take no longer than 30-45 minutes.

Step 1: Initial Check

As soon as you get to the pool, check the water level by looking at the 8-ft markers. The water should be right about at the middle of the eight. If it is lower than this, grab the water hose out of the pool room, string it to the pool, and turn it on; this way, the pool will fill a bit while you work.

Step 2: Remove Large Debris

Look for large things anywhere in the pool, such as child toys, noodles, and goggles. If you see anything large, grab the dipnet and fish it out. You don't want to accidentally vacuum these things up, and it is just cleaner to go ahead and remove all of these type things.

Step 3: Prepare the Vacuum

Go out to the pool valves, and first turn on the vacuum valve, and then turn off the skimmer valve. The ordering is important here, since we always want to keep water flowing to the pump. Note that "on" means that the valve handle is parallel to (in line with) the pipe, and "off" means that the valve handle is perpendicular to (across) the pipe.

If you are there at night, you will also want to turn on the in-pool light. Still at the pool valve area, look for the topmost electrical box that is facing back towards the poolhouse. Open that box, and look for a small red knob. Turn it.

If there is a lot of water being dumped down the waste pipe (a very large, vertical PVC pipe that is open on top, and goes straight into the ground), you need to contact someone immediately about that.

Step 4: Set up the Vacuum

From the pool room, grab the large blue hose and the blue vacuum attachment. Head out to near the vacuum port at poolside (it is in the pool, nearest to the pool valve area). Attach the vacuum attachment first to one end of the large blue hose, and also to a pole that you can get from a rack on the short side of the pool fence facing the lake. Toss the blue hose and attachment all in the water, and then do your best to fill the blue hose with water by pushing all of it down in the water for a bit. Then, attach the one free end of the blue hose to the vacuum port.

NOTE: make sure that the vacuum attachment is fully submerged, and that the blue hose is still connected to it, before attaching to the vacuum port1!

Step 5: Vacuum

Work your way around the edge of the pool slowly, vacuuming every bit of debris that you see at the bottom of the pool. I used to try to vacuum the bottom like I would vacuum carpet, but I quickly found out that is just futile. Most of the dirt collects at the edges of the pool, so make sure you vacuum all of the edges, and also vacuum up any debris that you can see at the bottom of the pool. As you vacuum, keep all of the wheels of the vacuum attachment in contact with the bottom of the pool.

IMPORTANT: make sure that the other end of the hose never sucks in air; it should always be submerged. It is tempting, when moving from the shallow end to the deep end (or vice versa) to lift the vacuum over the rope. DON'T! Instead, pass the pole under the rope.

When you are finished vacuuming, go ahead and disconnect the blue hose from the vacuum port.

Step 6: Empty Skimmer Baskets

Visit each of the four skimmer baskets, pull them out, and empty them of debris. Make sure that when you put the skimmer baskets back in, they get seated correctly in their nook.

Step 7: Remove Floating Debris

Grab the dipnet from the rack at the deep end of the pool, and dip out everything that is floating on top of the pool, from bugs to leaves, etc.

Step 8: Put things up

Put up the dipnet, blue hose, and vacuum attachment, in the places where they were stored. Use this time to pick up any trash people have left behind on the tables and throw it away.

Step 9: Turn on the skimmers, turn off the vacuum

Go back to the pool valve area, and FIRST turn on the skimmers valve, and THEN turn off the vacuum valve. Again, the ordering is important. If you turned on the in-pool light, turn it off.

Step 10: Gazebo area cleanup

Empty the bathroom trash cans into the large blue trash bins. Hose down the bathroom floors, using the hose located within the pool room, and clean the toilets as needed. Wipe down the tables under the gazebo. Pick up any unclaimed items around the pool.

Step 11: Final Check

Make sure that you have returned everything to its proper location, and turned off anything that you turned on. Check the bathrooms for anything strange, and lock them. Close and lock the pool room.

Step 12: Take out the trash (Mondays only)

Take 2 cans of garbage out the street, if it is Monday.

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