Cleary Rodriguez is one of the girls Al falls in love with appearing in Hoop-a-Joop. She has long blonde hair, black eyes, blue earrings and has red lipstick. Her main outfit is composed of: a white and black short sleeved shirt, blue miniskirt, white socks and black dress shoes. She is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. At her age, she is 12 years old. At her romantic date with Al in the episode Al's Cupid Discovery, her outfit is composed of: a white strapless dress, a white flower on her head, two yellow bracelets on her wrists, tan pantyhose and white high heels.


  • Jenna Rodriguez (Mother)
  • Fergus Rodriguez (Father)
  • Max Harper (Phantom Investigators) (Love Interest)


  1. Being a sly school girl.
  2. Doing her best to Max
  3. Keeping her socks stored to her box


  1. Being teased
  2. Getting suspended
  3. Having a nightmare

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