Genera Client Design

The client is the most crucial part of the Genera Engine. It has to allow you to change the game world while still keeping you immersed in the immediacy of the world. It uses two modes, Edit and Play. In edit mode, A few buttons,sliders, and a tile palette unobtrusively creep onto the edges of the screen. They all offer (optional) adjustable transparency.

Edit Mode

Tile Palette

If you left-click a tile on the palette, it will turn the mouse into the tile painting tool, allowing you to change the appearance of the tile map. Optionally you can use the bucket tool (just like a paint program), to fill in an area of neighboring tiles of the same type.

You can use the Split tool to move a section of the tile map vertically on the layer slider.
You can use the Line tool to make a line of tiles all at once.
You can scale the size of tile brush to do large areas more quickly.

Layer Slider

Highlights the current layer. Left-clicking goes to that layer, right-clicking brings up a Layer Properties box that allow you to set parallax ratios.

Play Mode

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