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  • Cliff Hanger as Thomas
  • Melvin the Builder as Edward
  • Ed as Henry
  • Quentin Quigley as Gordon
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear as James
  • Pheasant as Percy
  • Vandy the Vaccum Vendor as Toby
  • Mole as Duck
  • Gordy the Gourd Gatherer as Donald
  • Georgie the Gourd Gatherer as Douglas
  • Mammoth Whale as Oliver
  • Hard Hat (What's Cooking) as Diesel
  • Wilbur and Clay (Library Skits) as Bill and Ben
  • Cheese (What's Cooking) as Boco
  • Veggie Gatherer as Daisy
  • Click (Library Skits) as Mavis
  • Greens (What's Cooking) as Stepney
  • Trixie the Pixie as Emily
  • Beets (What's Cooking) as Bertie

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