1. FBI Warning Screen
  2. Attention Screen
  3. Cheaper By The Dozen/Catch That Kid/The Sandlot/Like Mike Peview
  4. Welcome To Mosseport/The School Of Rock/Holes/Inspector Gadget 2 Preview
  5. Bratz The Movie Preview
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie Preview
  7. Strawberry Shortcake Preview
  8. The Fairly OddParents Preview
  9. Rating G Screen
  10. The Views Expressed" Screen
  11. Aspect Ratio Screen
  12. DVD Menu
  13. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Logo
  14. Format Screen
  15. 20th Century Fox Logo
  16. Warner Bros Pictures Logo
  17. Scholastic Logo
  18. Start Of The Flim

Closing To Clifford's Really Big Movie 2004 DVD

  1. Scholastic Logo
  2. Warner Bros Logo (Still Version)
  3. Panasonic Disc Manufactoring Corperation Logo

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