A parody of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel starring characters from the PBS Clifford the Big Red Dog franchise, including some made-up characters, created by CliffordFan2008 (Sydney Skidis).


After the events of the first film. During a benefit concert in Paris, France, Marker Seville is injured from a backstage accident. Having to recuperate there, Mark asks his aunt Julie to look after the Doggies, Clifford, Macold, and T-Bone. Arrangements are also made for them to go to school at West Eastman High School. After Julie also causes an accident, the Doggies are left in the care of Ricky, Julie's grandson.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Hawke lives in the basement of JETT Records. Three singing female doggies, Driscoll, Cleo, and Mi-A, also known as The Doggets, emerge from a FedEx package and Jeffrey hires them as plot to get back at the band revive his career.

While at school, the Doggies are ridiculed by jocks, who threaten to kill them for drawing their girls' attention away from them. They chase the Doggies around the school and try to drown Macold in a toilet. They visit the principal's office, only to discover that the principal, Dr. Carrie is a huge fan, and enlists their help to raise money for a music program by participating in a contest. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is shocked to find the Doggies on the front page of his newspaper. After he reads a story about them, he quickly sends the Doggets to school.

When the Doggies meet the Doggets, a rivalry forms after the former group learns that the latter group are with Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Clifford becomes popular with the jocks and joins the football team, not realizing that the next game is during the concert. At the concert, T-Bone and Macold tell the fans that Clifford did not show up and that they cannot perform, leading to a victory for the Doggets. When Clifford finally shows up after the concert is over, he finds the auditorium empty, Driscoll calls him out for lacking responsibility and is ignored by his brothers at home.

Soon the Doggets are hired, but learn that the concert at which they are to perform as an opening act for a Britney Spears concert at the Staples Center is on the same night as the school contest. Jeffrey convinces them to blow off the battle and perform at the concert, but refuses to give the same credit to Cleo and Mi-A that he gives Driscoll. She demands that they all perform together or not at all, until Jeffrey threatens to send them to a barbecue restaurant unless they perform.

Before the Battle of the Bands, Clifford receives a call from the Doggets who tell him that Jeffrey has locked them in a cage, so Clifford races off to rescue them while Macold tells Cleo how to open the cage over the cell phone. Macold and T-Bone are on the verge of going out to perform until the others arrive just in time to perform at the contest. The Doggies and the Doggets perform together and receive the money for the music program. Mark, who had left the hospital upon learning that Ricky was looking after the Doggies, returns during the contest happy to see his boys again. Meanwhile, Jeffrey gets into more trouble at the concert of Staples Center he set up for the girls when he attempts to imitate them only to be taken away by the security guards. After the contest, Mark allows the Doggets to stay with them.

In the mid-credits, Dr. Carrie has the jocks scrape the gum off from under the bleachers in the gymnasium. In the post-credits, Jeffrey is thrown into a dumpster.


  • Clifford as Alvin
  • Mac as Simon
  • T-Bone as Theodore
  • Driscoll as Brittany
  • Cleo as Jeanette
  • Mi-A as Eleanor
  • Mark Howard as Dave Seville
  • Jeffrey Howard as Ian Hawke
  • Julie Howard as Jackie Seville
  • Ricky Howard as Toby Seville
  • Thunder as Toby's Cat
  • Ms. Carrington as Dr. Rubin
  • George Wolfsbottom as Ryan Edwards
  • Donald as Jeremy Smith
  • Liza as Becca Kingston
  • Teresa as Charice Pempengco
  • Caroline Howard as Julie Ortega
  • Larry Gablegobble as Xander
  • Shackelford as Digger the NASCAR Gopher


  1. You Really Got Me - The Doggies
  2. Stayin' Alive - The Doggies
  3. Put Your Records On - The Doggets
  4. Hot n Cold - The Doggets
  5. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - The Doggets
  6. We Are Family - The Doggies and The Doggets
  7. Shake Your Groove Thing - The Doggies and The Doggets


Coming Soon

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