A parody of the new Alvin and the Chipmunks TV series starring characters from the PBS Clifford the Big Red Dog franchise, including some made-up characters, created by CliffordFan2008 (Sydney Skidis).


  • Clifford as Alvin
  • Mac as Simon
  • T-Bone as Theodore
  • Driscoll as Brittany
  • Cleo as Jeanette
  • Mi-A as Eleanor
  • Mark Howard as Dave Seville
  • Bonnie Howard as Miss Miller
  • Mrs. Grumbly as Miss Croner
  • Shackelford as Mr. Whiskers
  • Daffodil as Tootsie-Bella
  • Donald as Derek Smalls
  • Jerry as Bocarter Humphrey
  • Cosmo as Neville Humphrey
  • Mr. Handover as Mr. Humphrey
  • Samuel as Biggie Large
  • Mrs. Parker as Miss Smith
  • Jenny as Marina Rodenchia
  • Ms. Carrington as Principal
  • Frank Williams as Principal's Husband
  • Rexington as Teddy
  • Courtney Amber as Tracy Lane
  • Evan as Kevin
  • Vanessa as Sandy
  • Shackelford Jr. as Bartholomew
  • Norville as Warbie
  • Wilbur as Suck Toad
  • Nina's Father as Mr. Figgle
  • Nina's Mother as Julie
  • Bill Mazer as Logan
  • Caroline Howard as Misty
  • Majorie Maxwell as Mary-Anne
  • Dr. Dihn as Princess Kate
  • Violet Bleakman as Miss Haversham
  • Deputy Wilson as Officer Dangus
  • Larry Gablegobble as Clyde Crashcup
  • P.T. as Leonardo


  1. Talking Rexie/Principal Interest
  2. C is for Alien/Cleo Enchanted
  3. Sister Act/Lil'T
  4. What a Gem/Family Spirit
  5. The App/Don Juan T-Bone
  6. Clidriscolla/Macold for President
  7. To Serve and Protect/Kickin' It Old School
  8. Clowning Around/Bully for You
  9. My Sister the Weirdo/Turf War
  10. Good Luck Mr. Shackel/Who's Your Daddy
  11. Mystic Mountain/Candy Confessions
  12. Mojo Missing/Who's the Animal
  13. Slippin’ Thru My Fingers/Driving Mark Crazy
  14. Safety Third/Mister Manners
  15. The Tree House/Saving Macold
  16. Back to School/Bromance
  17. A Room of One's Own/Carts and Crafts
  18. Going Green/Tattle Tail
  19. She's Got Style/Super Heroes
  20. Kiss Conspiracy/House Guests
  21. T-Bonezilla/Doggone It
  22. Mutiny/Reality or Not
  23. Let Them Eat Crumbs/Who Ghosts There
  24. Clifford's Secret Powers/Norville
  25. I Will Survive/Clifford's Got a Brand New Bag
  26. Art for Art's Sake/Mancave
  27. Ferret Days/Dragon Dad
  28. Members Only/The New Kid
  29. Macold the Superb/The Sub
  30. Lights Camera Uh Oh/Wax Mark
  31. Driscoll the Body Snatcher/Agent Park
  32. Baby Whisperer/Let's Make a Deal
  33. Dog Man/Ride Along
  34. Clifford's Wild Weekend/For Whom the Bell Tolls
  35. iHear/Switch Witch
  36. Double Trouble/Liar Liar
  37. Suck Lizard/Secret Admirer
  38. Un-Send!/The Orb
  39. The Music Box/Special Delivery
  40. Missing Miss Parker/Monster Madness
  41. Super Girls/Held Back
  42. It's My Party/Keeping Up with the Humphries
  43. We're the Doggies/Save the Dance
  44. The Temp/Parent Trap
  45. Knights/Snake Charmer
  46. Blabber Mouth/Viral
  47. Brothers of Dagarack/Overlooked
  48. Wish Upon a Star/Cleo's Secret Garden
  49. Treasure Hunt/Summer Camp
  50. He Said, She Said/Attack of the Zombies
  51. Wacky Wednesday/The Doggie and the Catfish
  52. Prank Calls/Time Flies
  53. The Karate Kidder/Playing Favorites
  54. Back to Basics/Report Cards
  55. The Cat Sitter/Addicted
  56. Spoiler-It is/Something's Fishy
  57. Baby Mama Drama/Ballet Boys

Theme Lyrics

Watch out, cause here we come! It's been a while, but we're back with style!

So get set to have some fun! We'll bring you action and satisfaction.

We're the Doggies! Clifford, Macold, T-Bone!

Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo! Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo!


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