A parody of the old Alvin and the Chipmunks TV series starring characters from the PBS Clifford the Big Red Dog franchise, including some made-up characters, created by CliffordFan2008 (Sydney Skidis).


  • Clifford as Alvin
  • Mac as Simon
  • T-Bone as Theodore
  • Driscoll as Brittany
  • Cleo as Jeanette
  • Mi-A as Eleanor
  • Mark Howard as Dave Seville
  • Bonnie Howard as Miss Miller
  • Molga as Vinny
  • Nathan as Uncle Harry
  • Jeffrey Howard as Uncle Willy
  • Neptune Howard as Grandpa Seville
  • Nicole Howard as Grandma Seville
  • Caroline Howard as Marsha
  • Ms. Carrington as Miss Stone
  • Vanessa as Sandy
  • Dorothy as Clarence
  • Carmelo as Horse
  • Julie Howard as Miss Grudge
  • Mr. Henderson as Edward Ralphs
  • Emily Elizabeth as Tiffany Price
  • Frank Williams as Robby Leach
  • Skyscraper Jackson as Lord Jackson
  • Claire as Juliet
  • Vaz as Louie Buffy
  • Ms. Lee as Dr. Rutter Wisenheimer
  • Mr. Digby as Mr. Handley
  • Gina Wolfsbottom as Helga
  • Stephanie as Heather Williams
  • Charley as Micky
  • Thomas as Cookie Chomper III
  • Daffodil as Lilly
  • Samuel as George Washington
  • Mr. Bradley as Mr. Carroll
  • Shackelford as Ebnezer
  • Gordo as Kong
  • Larry Gablegobble as Clyde Crashcup


  1. The D-Team/The Doggets
  2. Uncle Nathan/Rock 'n' Robot
  3. The Television Stars/The Cruise
  4. The Doggies Story
  5. Mr. Fabulous/Grandpa and Grandma Seville
  6. Unidentified Flying Doggie/Mother's Day
  7. The Dog-Punks/From Here to Fraternity
  8. Urban Doggie/The Incredible Shrinking Mark
  9. Angelic Clifford/The Trouble with Nanny
  10. The Bully Ballet/Clifford...and the Doggie
  11. Swiss Family Doggies/Santa Nathan
  12. A Cat's Best Friend is His Doggie/The Curse of Lontiki
  13. Baseball Heroes/May the Best Doggie Win
  14. The Doggie Who Bugged Me/Rich and Infamous
  15. Don't Be a Vidiot/A Bull, of Course
  16. The Camp Calomine Caper/Lights, Camera, Clifford
  17. Some Entrancing Evening/Match Play
  18. The Picture of Health/The Victrola Awards
  19. Royalty Received/Gone Fishin'
  20. Setting the Record Straight/Father's Day Muffins
  21. Clifford on Ice/Operation T-Bone
  22. The Gang's All Here/Snow Job
  23. Maids in Japan/My Fair Dogget
  24. New, Improved Macold/The Greatest Show-Offs on Earth
  25. Guardian Doggies/Carsick
  26. Hat Today, Gone Tomorrow/Snow Wrong
  27. Film Flam/The Secret Life of Mark Seville
  28. Who Ghost There?/Romancing Miss Carrie
  29. A Dog Off the Old Tooth/Three Alarm Clifford
  30. Sisters/Court Action
  31. Good Old Macold/The Doggies Go to Washington
  32. Soccer to Me/Every Doggie Tells a Story
  33. A Little Worm in the Big Apple/Staying Afloat
  34. The Dogget Story
  35. The Prize Isn't Right/The Gold of My Dreams
  36. Mind Over Matterhorn/Clifford's Oldest Fan
  37. Help Wanted: Mommy
  38. Teevee or Not Teevee/A Rash of Babies
  39. Whatever Happened to Mark Seville?/Macold Seville, Superstar
  40. Miss Miller's Big Gamble/Sweet Smell of Success
  41. Cinderella? Cinderella!
  42. Experiment in Error/How You Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm?
  43. Middle-Aged Marky/I Love L.A.
  44. Doggie Vice/Hooping It Up
  45. Back to Mark's Future/Tell It to the Judge
  46. Sincerely T-Bone/My Pharaoh Lady
  47. Macold Says/When the Dogs Are Down
  48. Clifford, Clifford, Clifford!/Mark's Dream Cabin
  49. Old Friends/The Mystery of Seville Manor
  50. Ask Clifford/T-Bone Lucks Out
  51. Big Dreams/Island Fever
  52. Just One of the Girls/Goin' Down to Dixie
  53. Dreamlighting
  54. Elementary, My Dear Macold
  55. The Brunch Club
  56. Food for Thought
  57. Wings Over Siesta Grande
  58. Treasure Island
  59. Doggiemania
  60. Grounded Doggie
  61. Cliffie's Angels
  62. Cadet's Regrets
  63. Clifford in Analysis
  64. Mark's Getting Married
  65. No Doggie is an Island/Babysitter Fright Night
  66. Clifford's Summer Job
  67. Once Upon a Crime
  68. The Phantom/Mad About Clifford
  69. Molga's Visit
  70. Uncle Adventure/Luck O' the Doggies
  71. T-Bone and Claire/Quarterback in Curlers
  72. The Wall/The Amazing Doggies
  73. T-Bone's Life as a Cat/Queen of the High School Ballroom
  74. Psychic Clifford/A Special Kind of Champion
  75. Clifford's Obsession/Clifford's Not-So Super Hero
  76. Mark's Wonderful Life
  77. Timmy Thomas III
  78. Home Sweet Home/All Worked Up
  79. Nightmare on Seville Street/Thinking Cap Trap
  80. Bye, Sam/A Day in the Life
  81. Like Father, Like Son/Dr. Macold and Mr. Heartthrob
  82. Too Hip to Be Mark/Hearts and Flowers
  83. Maltese Doggie/Dear Diary
  84. Unfair Science/Shaking the Family Tree
  85. Inner Mark/The Legend of Sleeping Driscoll
  86. Three Doggies and a Bunny/Phantom of the Rock Opera
  87. The Return of Uncle Adventure/The Princess and the Pig
  88. Clifford in Neverland
  89. Merry Christmas, Mr. Bradley
  90. Back to Our Future
  91. Bigger!
  92. Gord!
  93. Batdog
  94. Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom
  95. Star Wreck: The Absolutely Final Frontier
  96. Robodog
  97. M.T. the Space Traveler
  98. Irrational Buffoon's European Vacation
  99. Dog Tracy
  100. Gremlionis
  101. Sploosh
  102. Funny, We Shrunk the Adults

Theme Lyrics

Watch out, cause here we come! It's been a while, but we're back with style!

So get set to have some fun! We'll bring you action and satisfaction.

We're the Doggies! D-O-G-G-I-E!

We're the Doggies! Guaranteed to brighten your day.

When you feel like a laugh, give us a call, we'll give you our all.

And if you feel like a song, tune in to us and sing right along!

We're the Doggies! Coming on stronger than ever before.

We're the Doggies! Clifford, Macold, T-Bone!

Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo! Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo!


Coming Soon

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