• Clifford as Blaze
  • Charley as AJ
  • Emily Elizabeth as Gabby
  • Mac as Darington
  • Rex as Zeg
  • T-Bone as Stripes
  • Cleo as Starla
  • Thunder as Crusher
  • Jorge as Pickle
  • Nathan as Bump Bumperman
  • Thomas as Joe
  • Alfie as Gus
  • Carmelo as Gasquatch
  • Gloria as Grammy
  • Maxwell as The Fire Chief
  • Larry as Pegwheel Pete
  • Driscoll as The Great Sphinx
  • Mr. Howard as Santa
  • Wilbur as The Voice of Christmas
  • Min as Swoops
  • Don as Speedrick
  • Mi-A as Rally
  • Frankie as Mark Set-go
  • Remy as Dash
  • Dirk as Fender
  • Nellie as Becky Checkerflag
  • Dorothy as The Light Thief
  • Norville as Lazard
  • Olaf as Snout
  • Jake as Wartimer
  • Dan as Bunk the Elephant
  • Agnes as Bam the Gorilla
  • Betty as Skyler the Falcon
  • Iris as Tooks

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