• Clifford as Gordon
  • T-Bone as Waffle
  • Mac as Mr. Blik
  • Driscoll as Katilda
  • Emily Elizabeth as Human Kimberly
  • Wilbur and his lizards as Newts
  • Mr. Howard as Hovis
  • Carmelo as Randall the Bear
  • Hamburger as Bootsie
  • Molga as Audrey
  • Bob as Squeakus
  • Thunder as Barkmeat
  • Artie as Major Pepperidge
  • Gordo as Mitchell the Mammoth
  • Norville as Duck
  • Barnebis as Kraken
  • Vaz as Gear
  • Maxwell as Kaftan
  • George Wolfsbottom as Dogcatcher
  • Miss Miller as Edna Cramdilly
  • Darla as Cali Spaniel
  • Jenny as Caitlyn #1
  • Nina as Caitlyn #2
  • Jetta as Charlotte
  • Sheriff Lewis as the Mayor
  • Penny as Kaitlin
  • Jorge as Sassyfrass
  • Rodrigue as Klqain
  • Wally as Mr. Fuzzy Pants
  • Zo as Sachiko
  • Dirk as Scotty
  • Cleo as Katlyn

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