• Mac as Chip
  • Clifford as Dale
  • Driscoll as Gadget Hackwrench
  • T-Bone as Monterey Jack
  • Wally as Zipper
  • Sheriff Lewis as Sergeant Spinelli
  • Victor as Officer Kirby
  • Pedro as Officer Muldoon
  • Cleo as Tammy
  • Mi-A as Bink
  • Daffodil as Foxglove
  • Thunder as Fat Cat
  • Min as Wart
  • Don as Mole
  • Lewis as Mepps
  • Sid as Snout
  • George Wolfsbottom as Professor Norton Nimnul
  • Donald as Aldrin Klordane
  • Bob as Rat Capone
  • Jack as Sewernose de Bergerac
  • Flo and Zo as The Siamese Twin Gang

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