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  • Clifford as Alex
  • T-Bone as Marty
  • Vaz as Melman
  • Emily Elizabeth as Gloria
  • Jetta as King Julien (they're both selfish; I know she's female)
  • Mac as Maurice (their names start with 'Ma')
  • Cosmo as Mort ('O' is the 2nd letter in their names)
  • Charley as Mason
  • Charley (as a dog) as Phil
  • Shackelford (from Clifford's Really Big Movie) as Skipper (their names start with 'S')
  • Dirk (from Clifford's Really Big Movie) as Kowalski
  • Dorothy (from Clifford's Really Big Movie) as Rico (I know she's female)
  • Rodrigo (from Clifford's Really Big Movie) as Private (they're the shortest)
  • Cleo as Marlene
  • Mr. Bleakman as Dr. Blowhole (their names start with 'B')

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