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  • Clifford as Mickey Mouse
  • Driscoll as Minnie Mouse
  • Mac as Donald Duck
  • Cleo as Daisy Duck
  • T-Bone as Goofy
  • Shackelford as Pluto
  • Shackelford Jr. as Pluto Junior
  • Min as Chip
  • Don as Dale
  • Sophie as Clarice
  • Thunder as Pete
  • Mimi as Clarabelle Cow
  • Hamburger as Horace Horsecollar
  • Manny as Scrooge McDuck
  • Artie as Ludwig Von Drake
  • Michael as Huey
  • Chester as Dewey
  • Haslett as Louie
  • Bob as Max Goof
  • Thomas as José Carioca
  • Maxwell as Panchito Pistoles
  • Rexington as Peter Pig
  • Nathan as Mortimer Mouse
  • Rex as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Boomer as Humphrey the Bear
  • Gordo as Bobo the Elephant
  • Jorge as Louie the Mountain Lion
  • Rodrigue as Bent-Tail the Coyote
  • Rodrigo as Bent-Tail Junior
  • Nellie as Clara Cluck
  • Susie as Fifi the Peke
  • Daffodil as Dinah the Dachshund
  • Dirk as Butch the Bulldog
  • Zo as Lucifer the Tough Cat
  • Billy as Figaro
  • Alfie as Jiminy Cricket
  • Sheriff Lewis as J. Audubon Woodlore
  • George Wolfsbottom as Willie the Giant

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