• Clifford as Marshall
  • Jorge as Zuma
  • T-Bone as Rubble
  • Mac as Chase
  • K.C. as Rocky
  • Cleo as Skye
  • Mimi as Everest
  • Rodrigo as Tracker
  • Charley as Ryder
  • Emily Elizabeth as Katie
  • Evan as Carlos
  • Vaz as Alex
  • Samuel as Mr. Porter
  • Mrs. Diller as Mayor Goodway
  • Mr. Bradley as Jake
  • Victor as Cap'n Turbot
  • Pedro as Francois
  • Farmer Ed as Farmer Al
  • Daffodil as Cali
  • Nellie as Chickaletta
  • Dorothy as Bettina
  • Rexington as Apollo the Super-Pup
  • Driscoll as Sweetie
  • George Wolfsbottom as Mayor Humdinger

More Coming Soon

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