• Clifford as Phineas
  • T-Bone as Ferb
  • Driscoll as Isabella
  • Rex as Baljieet
  • K.C. as Buford
  • Shackelford as Perry
  • Cleo as Candace
  • Kiki as Suzy Johnson
  • Oliver Octavius as Lawrence
  • Emily Elizabeth as Linda
  • Jerry as Major Monogram
  • Charley as Carl
  • Donald as Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  • Penny as Vanessa
  • Artie as Norm
  • Cheesy as Stacy
  • Mimi as Jenny
  • Mi-A as Gretchen
  • Taffy as Adyson
  • Daffodil as Ginger
  • Rodrigo as Pinky
  • Jorge as Django
  • Hamburger as Irving
  • Mac as Jeremy
  • Nathan as Johnny
  • Dirk as Peter
  • Norville as Terry
  • Evan as Roger

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