• Clifford as Lorax
  • T-Bone as Pipsqueak
  • Mac as Lou
  • K.C., Jorge, Rodrigo, and Other Dogs as Bar-ba-loots
  • Nellie and Other Chickens as Swomee Swans
  • Norville and Other Birds as Humming Fish
  • Oliver Octavius as Ted
  • Emily Elizabeth as Audrey
  • Caroline Howard as Mrs. Wiggins
  • Bonnie Howard as Grammy Norma
  • Cosmo as Wesley
  • Carmelo as Melvin
  • Jerry as Once-ler
  • Mrs. Handover as Once-ler's Mom
  • Julie Howard as Grizelda
  • Jeffrey Howard as Ubb
  • Victor as Brett
  • Pedro as Chet
  • Mr. Bleakman as Mr. O'Hare
  • TBA as Morty
  • TBA as McGurk

More Coming Soon

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