This page will explain climbing in Akami with detail


Climbing is used to traverse into special, secluded areas in high altitudes.


Climbing only needs one thing.

  • Grappling hook

Grappling Hook

Grappling hooks are used in climbing. There are a few types of grappling hooks.

  • Average hooks
  • Long-range hooks
  • Stable hooks

Average Hooks

Average hooks are ones with a balance between range and stability. They are made out of common materials like bronzing and steel.

Long-range Hooks

Long-range hooks are ones with a longer range but less stability. They are made out of some less common materials, like striketite and edgite.

Stable Hooks

Stable hooks are ones with large stability but lower range. They are made out of some less common materials, like healore and strongite.


Climbing is beneficial in that it allows access to areas in high altitude normally unreachable.


Climbing's cons include the fact that it only works for climbing up or down cliffs or mountains, not going spelunking in caves. That's for exploring.

Benefits of Professing

Professing in this skill means access to advanced areas and allowed use of advanced tools.

Criteria of Suggesting a Crafting System

In order for your idea on how to climb in Akami to be considered, it must at LEAST meet this criteria.

  • It must involve attaching a grappling hook to various locations.
  • It must involve some type of climbing hazard.
  • It must involve some type of progress meter.

Other ways to improve your chance of getting your idea accepted include:

  • A view to where you would be on the location in relation to your progress.
  • A playable prototype.
  • Some resting locations along the way where the player could stop for a moment.

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