Clivus Publicius: a street constructed and paved by Lucius and Marcus Publicius Malleolus, who were curule aediles about 238 B.C. (Fest. 238; Varro, LL V.158; Ov. Fast. V.293‑4). It began in the forum Boarium, near the west end of the circus Maximus and the porta Trigemina (Frontin. 5; Liv. XXVII.37), and must have extended across the Aventine in a southerly direction (Liv. XXVI.10), past the temple of Diana to the Vicus Piscinae Publicae (q.v.). It was said to have been burned to the ground in 203 B.C. (Liv. XXX.26), which must mean that it was thickly built up.

Ref: Lacus•Curtius

Citizens Residing On This Street

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