Two of the most powerful private interest groups in the universe of the Imperial Republic are the Cloning Guild and the Cyber Guild. They are responsible for creating sentient beings (see races in the universe of the Imperial Republic).

The Cloning Guild is actually a coalition of business enterprises that specialize in cloning new humans and chimeras. This guild is also sometimes provides for the raising, child care, and education of young humans and chimeras, though it mostly gives away the clones it breeds to families for adoption.

The Cyber Guild is a coalition of businesses that manufacture robots and computers and programmers that create new aritificial intelligences (A.I.s). It must be noted that not all new robots and computers are programmed/manufactured with A.I. personalities, but many are. Cyber Guild also is responsible for educating new A.I.s and defending their civil rights.

Both the Cloning and Cyber Guilds have the right to each appoint a handful of members to the Senate of the Imperial Republic.

Both guilds are active both within the Republic and beyond it's borders.

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