1. Ending Movie
  2. Closing Credits
  3. Walt Disney Animation Studios (2007) Logo (Short Version)
  4. Cartoon Network Studios (2013) Logo (Uncle Grandpa Version)
  5. Cartoon Network Productions (2008) Logo
  6. Entertainment One Family And Astley Baker Davies Logo
  7. Distributed By Paramount (2013) Logo
  8. Disney (2013) Logo (Closing Version)
  9. And Warner Bros Pictures (2013) Logo
  10. National Intellectual Property Rights/Coordination Center screen
  11. "Press the menu button On your remote..."
  12. Uncle Grandpa Meets Peppa Pig Short Film
  13. The Circle Of Life From The Lion King (Mat Zo Remix)
  14. Disney Movie Rewards Promo
  15. Disney Parks Promo
  16. Uncle Grandpa "Charlie Burgers" Promo
  17. Spongebob "Kenny The Cat" Promo
  18. Earth To Echo Theatrical Trailer
  19. Big Hero 6 Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  20. Bears Theatrical Trailer

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