The Brave Little Toaster sounds and Namco clips. Pac-Man is a Fygar kidnapped by the Cyborg Ninja. Pac-Man fall into the bathtub will smashed! Pac-Man was awake it's sunny day and for taken away Pooka! Galaga Fighter will be help by Galaga Boss by tractor beam when he says, "FIGHTER CAPTURED".


  • Toaster - Pac-Man (Pac-Man)
  • Blanky - Pooka (Dig-Dug)
  • Radio - Dig-Dug (Dig-Dug)
  • Lampy - Galaga Fighter (Galaga)
  • Kirby - Galaxip (Galaxian)
  • Young Rob - Fygar (Dig-Dug)
  • Evil Clown - Cyborg Ninja (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Air Conditioner (cameo) - Bosconian Fighter (Bosconian)


  • Pac-Man: We'll that's all his do it.
  • Galaga Fighter: That's very interesting. Good night, chuckles.
  • Pac-Man: Good night... (yawns)
  • Fygar: Blah! (he pops out the Pac-Man's toaster by the picks up a watermeleon) Blaah, oh! (he turning the smoking Pac-Man) Aaaaah! Help me! Aaaaaaaah! Help me...aaaaaaaaaahhh!
  • Pac-Man: Huh?
  • Cyborg Ninja: Run. (He runs. The water still spraying and with sword, Cyborg Ninja laughs. Pac-Man holding the shower curtain and fall into the bathtub will smashed!)
  • Pac-Man: (gasps)
  • Pooka: (it awake will it's sunny day, a blue beam hits the road) AAAAAAAAAAAAHH! HELP ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! HELP ME...YAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! PAC-MAN!!
  • Pac-Man: (The Pooka will disappears into the gravity to the end) POOKA!
  • Galaga Fighter: (This one has Pac-Man screamed by calling Pooka, hitting the blue beams.) Pooka!
  • Pac-Man: Where are you?!
  • Galaga Fighter: Pooka!
  • Pac-Man: Pooka!
  • Galaxip: Pooka!
  • Pac-Man: That's why can you hear me?!! Pooka? Pooka!
  • Galaxip: The hit ratios gone dead.
  • Dig-Dug: We're trapped here like rats. Small little rats with no hair and one life.
  • Pac-Man: (really freaking out) POOKA!
  • Galaxip: (Galaga Fighter noticed, by the shot down the button. But Galaga Fighter scared of the blue beams by close up) Pooka! Where are you, you little wimp?! Pooka!
  • Pac-Man: (The blue beams will changing Red Fighter stops spinning. The text says, "FIGHTER CAPTURED".) Galaga Fighter! (Help out for the Red Fighter looks good. That night, the sunny day was ended.) Pooka! Pooka, where are you?!
  • Galaga Fighter: (Pac-Man tries to slow version by calling the Pooka. The following line by straight sides of the city.) Come on, Pooka? Speak up for Pete's sake!
  • Pac-Man: (Galaga Fighter sneezing the zapper) No, no, just relax. We headed now, now I'm look forehead.
  • Galaga Fighter: Means you little killed her!

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