Clown Dream and Lampy's Death (Pixar Meets The Brave Little Toaster)

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  • Toaster: Well that's all his do it.
  • Lampy: That's very interesting! Good night slothead.
  • Sulley: What a day, good night, Mike.
  • Toaster: Good night... (Yawns)
  • Young Rob: Nyaaaah! Blaaaaaaaah! Ohh! (Turns on the smoking Toaster) Aaaaaaaaaah! Help me! Aaaaaaaaah! Help me...aaaaaaaaaaahhh! Toaster!
  • Marlin: (gasps) Toaster! What are you think you're doing anywhere?
  • Evil Clown: Run. (He laughs. Toaster hold it the curtian shower, and fall into the bathtub gets smashed.)
  • Hamm: Toaster! No!!
  • Toaster: (gasping)
  • Blanky: (The rainstorm starts by hit the lightning rods to grass by prepare to wind or fire.) AAAAAAAAAAAH! HELP ME! AAAAAAAAAAAH! HELP ME...AAAAAAAAAAAAH! TOASTER!
  • Toaster: BLANKY!
  • Sulley: I still don't understand, that's why a Blanky will defeat him!
  • Mike: I'll explain later.
  • Toaster: (Screaming) Blanky!
  • Lampy: Blanky!
  • Toaster: Where are you?!
  • Lampy: Blanky?!
  • Toaster: Blanky!
  • Kirby: Blanket!
  • Toaster: Can you hear me?! Blanky? Blanky!
  • Kirby: The battery's gone dead.
  • Radio: We're trapped here like rats. Small little rats with no hair and one life.
  • Toaster: (really freaking out) BLANKY!
  • Kirby: (Lampy gets noticed, the plug in was not working, but Lampy scared in thunder forcely.) Blanket! Where are you, you little wimp?! Blanket!
  • Toaster: (Lampy hits a lightning rod by the Lampy's bulb gets crashed himself by paddle.) Lampy!
  • Waternoose: Lampy! No!! (Lampy fall off the chair) Well done. Well done, James, Toaster, Radio, Kirby, Mike! That was awesome! I need scarers who are confident, tenacious tough, intimidating. I need something like... like... The Brave Little Toaster is a movie!
  • Toaster: Blanky! Blanky, where are you?!
  • Lampy: Come on, Blanky? Speak up for Pete's sake! (Sneezing with the zapper)
  • Dory: Everthing's gonna be all right.
  • Toaster: No, no, just relax. You've done it enough, I looked for him.
  • Lampy: Means I am feeling burned out.
  • Waternoose: Oh what a day!

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