This is The Little Mermaid clips and The Brave Little Toaster sounds.


  • Ariel: Well that's all his do it.
  • Sebastian: That's very interesting. Good night, cracker.
  • Ariel: Good night... (yawns)
  • Eric: Blaaaaaaah! Naaaaaaaaah! Ohh! (turns off the smoking that Ariel) Aaaaaaaaah! Help me! Aaaaaaaaah! Help me...aaaaaaaaah! Ariel!
  • Evil Clown: Run. (He laughs. Ariel holding a shower curtain will fall into the tub will smashed!)
  • Ariel: (He gasps. The rainstorm begins a hit the lightning rod by the grass prepare to wind or fire.)
  • Ariel: (Flounder then disappeared into the gravity for the end) FLOUNDER!!
  • Sebastian: (Ariel screamed the calling Flounder, will thunder forcely) Flounder!
  • Ariel: Where are you?!
  • Sebastian: Flounder!
  • Ariel: Flounder!
  • King Triton: Flounder!
  • Ariel: That's why can you hear me?!! Flounder? Flounder!
  • King Triton: The shells gone dead.
  • Scuttle: We're trapped here like rats. Small little rats with no hair and one light.
  • Ariel: (really freaking out) FLOUNDER!
  • King Triton: (Sebastian noticed. The picks up a shell, but Sebastian scared in the thunder forcely will close up) Flounder! Where are you, you little wimp?! Flounder!
  • Ariel: (Sebastian hits the lightning rod on the paddle.) Sebastian! (Ariel, Scuttle, King Triton help out the Sebastian dies, fade out, the next morning by the storm was still ended.) Flounder! Flounder, where are you?!
  • Sebastian: (The camera zooms in, Ariel tries to still calling Flounder by the slov version. The following line inside the straight sides of the nature.) Come on, Flounder? Speak up for Pete's sake!
  • Ariel: (Sebastian sneeze with his zapper) No, no, just relax. You headed now, now I'm look forehead.
  • Sebastian: Means you little burned out.

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