• Director as J Gander Hooter
  • Gary as Dr.Sarah Bellum
  • Rookie as Megavolt
  • Jet Pack as Liquidator
  • Aunt Arctic as Steelbeak
  • Rockhopper as Gizmo Duck
  • PH as Bushroot
  • Herbert as Quacker Jack
  • Klutzy as Hammerhead
  • Dot as Darkwing Duck
  • Ultimate Protobot 10000 as Nega duck
  • Rocky as Gosalyn
  • CeCe as Honker
  • The Penguin Band as Stegmutt
  • Cadence as Launchpad
  • Scrooge as Tank
  • Dancing Penguin as Darkwarrior Duck
  • Pizza Chef as Tantalus
  • Hydro-Hopper as Liquidator's Girls
  • Suneroo as Taurus Bluba
  • Sensel as Herb
  • Bambadee as Tuskermini
  • RodgerRodger as Neptunia
  • Barista as Morgana

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