Kai holding the baby Cluster lizard Squish

Cluster lizards are a fictional species of carnivorous reptile on the science fiction series Lexx.

These lizards exist on The Cluster in the Light Zone, where they are sometimes used as a means of capital punishment. They often roll themselves into a tire shape when moving, and somewhat resemble large armored centipedes. They are especially fond of eating brain flesh.

A female Cluster lizard experiences a form of oestrus once every seven years. At the end of the cycle, she eats her mate.

In the series, the character Zev, later Xev, becomes half-Cluster lizard when she is condemned to be transmogrified into a love slave; a rogue Cluster lizard interrupts the process and their DNA is combined. Not only can she roll and scream like a Cluster lizard, the DNA gives her the capacity to deal with extended desert conditions. Additionally, Cluster lizards respond to her as they would other Cluster lizards.

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