Substract two files - by yifan

   This program substarcts the number fields of file2 from file1,
   and prints the result bigger than the given threshold. String fileds are ignored.
   Synopsis file1 file2 [option]
       [-t threshold] : threshold for printing, default = 0.05
       [-hl n_headline] : skip first n lines, default = 1
       [-hc n_headcolumn] : using first n columns for matching lines between two files
       [-cf n_column_per_field] : use every n column as one field to get numbers, default = delimited by space
       [-c column_file1 column_file2] : only compare one defined column from each file
       * To compare two sum_crg.out: sum_crg.out.1 sum_crg.out.2
       * To compare two fort.38: fort.38.1 fort.38.2 -hc 14
       * To compare two opp files: file1.opp file2.opp -hl 0 -hc 20 -t 1.0

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