Number of Co-Sponsors

A limited number (up to 5 - what do you think?) of Event Co-Sponsor relationships are available. Craig's experience with high-end sponsorships at the Paramount Theatre is that placing a limit makes this position more desirable/valuable and thus easier to fill, especially for early co-sponsors, who's mesage will not be dilluted by too many competing. From a practical point of view, it means that print materials and web space won't get cluttered up with logos.

Cost to be a Co-Sponsor

Co-Sponsors will provide significant contributions and will receive VERY prominent exposure in all event materials, including PR, promotions, and event listings. Specifics for what cosponsors receive needs to be developed and documented here. the intent is to work that out here and in leadership team meetings.

Because NICA is advancing the loan of $5000 for seed money, they will be considered a major sponsor, although the producing/presenting organization is FIC, and will have the solo status of that.

Here are ideas that we have under consideration for co-sponsorship in some way -- they may donate time or services, or in-kind goods. Perhaps no one but NICA will be a "Major Sponsor" in terms of money put in, but we can decide on categories and exchange value to recognize willing supporters in some way.

AoC proposed collaborations – sponsorships or endorsements

1. Allied Arts Seattle

The mission of Allied Arts is to enhance the cultural livability of Seattle

and to create a social network of people who care about the Arts, Urban Design and Historic Preservation. Allied Arts is best known as the organization that worked to save the Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, as well as to establish the Seattle Arts Commission. Since 1954, we've collaborated with an array of civic leaders and organizations to help maintain and improve Seattle's quality of urban life.

2. International Making Cities Livable Movement

3. Livable Seattle Erika Bigelow 206-632-2750 Bob Quinn 206-632-1615

4. David Brewster (publisher, editor & cofounder of Seattle Weekly & Executive Director of Town Hall Seattle); has donates services for other events; been moderator of past candidate forum sponsored by: Allied Arts of Seattle, People for Puget Sound, Seattle Alliance for Good Jobs and Housing for Everyone (SAGE), Washington State Arts Alliance, Yes for Seattle, Captiol Hill Arts Center (CHAC).

5. Thomas C. Wales Foundation The Foundation is a non-partisan organization dedicated to the promise of ordinary citizens actively helping to create a more livable and fair society. The aim is to promote Wales’ example of courageous civic engagement, leadership, and passionate citizenship: first, through public recognition of an outstanding individual who represents these ideals at an annual award event; second, by organizing balanced, moderated symposia on important issues of the day; and third, by direct involvement in programs that encourage dialogue and civic leadership. The Thomas C. Wales Foundation is a non-partisan, non-political 501(c) (3) public charity incorporated under the laws of Washington State. More information is available at . Tax deductible contributions can be mailed to Thomas C. Wales Foundation at P.O. Box 19702, Seattle, Washington 98109-1702.

Ecotrust, Mission: to build a Salmon Nation

Goosefoot Community Fund (Rick Ingrasci is on their board)

P.O. Box 114, Langley, WA 98260   phone: 360-321-4145

Key nonprofits: Sustainable Ballard; Sustainable Seattle; Celilo Group: (Chinook Book, Sustainable Industries mag.) NW Ecobuilders’ Guild, Cascadia Chapter Greenbuilders, City Repair Seattle, Mountaineers, NEW (NW Environment Watch); NBIS (Network for Business Innovation & Sustainability); NWEEC – Northwest Environmental Education Council (Seattle) 206-762-1976; Climate Solutions; Earth Ministry; CCEJ (Cmty Coalition for Environmental Justice); Earth Share WA * (a coalition of 66 leading enviro groups based in our state…Attachment B) Washington Toxics Coalition.

Govt agencies: City of Seattle’s OSE, Seattle Public Utilities; King County Solid Waste Division, Snohomish County Public Works: 2930 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, WA 98201 Main Phone: 425-388-3488; WA State Dept of Ecology, WA State Dept of Agriculture, Region 10 EPA – (see attachment A)

Schools: Bastyr, LIOS, Antioch (CCC),

Businesses: Sustainable Group, Brad Hole; GreenWorks Realty, Environmental Home Center, Re-Store, One Sky Medicine, Seattle Healing Arts, REI, Patagonia, PCC, Liquid Heating Woodinville, WA 425-806-2033

Existing Co-Sponsors

Northwest Intentional Communities Association

NICA has existed for 14 years, helping to connect people interested in Intentional Community. It is best known outside of Intentional Communities circles as the producer of Co-Opportunities, held at the Seattle Center in 2001. Sustaining (major) sponsors which joined NICA for that event were:

  1. Antioch University Seattle's Center for Creative Change
  2. Bountiful Table/Experience Food Project
  3. Seattle Center
  4. Seattle Tilth

For this event, NICA will be a co-sponsor and is prepared to provide up to $5,000 as an unsecured loan. Based on NICA's experience hosting many modest Community gatherings for over ten years, this is sufficient financial backing to guarantee that event can happen. NICA does not seek any profit from the event itself, though it may independently offer goods and/or services at the event.

NICA's hope is that providing seed capital for the event will encourage other organizations who are commited to Community and Sustainability in the Northwest will provide additional financial and in-kind support. NICA asks other organizations and individuals, who are able, to join it as a co-sponsor. It is hoped that others will Step Up to help the event succeed.

Your Name Here

Are you an individual or part of a group that is committed to community and/or sustainability? Do you want to help focus the public's attention on the need for creating Sustainable Community in the Northwest? Would you like recognition as a key contributor to growing real community?

Participating as a co-sponsor in this event is one tangible way that you can demonstrate your involvement in this grass-roots effort to create a better world, one neighborhood at a time.

Co-Sponsor Benefits

Here are some initial ideas on what cosponsorship might include. Cosponsors will receive all the benefits which are received by groups providing lower levels of support (e.g.,Event Supporters):

  1. Several Complementary Admissions for Staff and/or Guests
  2. Prominent display booth privileges at a Community Faire
  3. Prominent LOGO links from the event website (or FIC-hosted web page if website is not created).
  4. Prominent LOGO inclusion in some (all?) promotional materials
  5. Prominent LOGO credits on onsite posters
  6. Public acknowledgement in at least one large public gathering
  7. Rights to two promotional emails (subject to approval) which will be sent to people who provided email addresses, but haven't opt-ed out of receiving promotional mailings. This will include:
    1. Event Participants (est. 500-1000)
    2. Communities and various organizations who were contacted as possible Co-Sponsors or Event Supporters or Exhibitors (est. 500)
    3. Individuals sent promotional emails harvested during our event promotion work (est. 1000)

Contact Syd Fredrickson with any questions or suggestions for organizations we should consider approaching for posible involvement as either a cosponsor or one of the Event Supporters.

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