Stated Mission (from website)

CHF BC was formed in 1982 by members of BC housing co-ops who wanted to:

  • expand non-profit co-op housing
  • promote better housing conditions in BC
  • share skills and information within the co-op housing sector
  • represent co-op housing to governments and the public
  • promote the co-op movement and co-op principles in BC

Observations (based on website)

  1. Scope: website says there are more than 255 non-profit housing co-ops comprising 14,300 units in British Columbia
  2. Services offered: focus on the cooperatives themselves, e.g. legislation, model rules, bulk purchasing, e.g. coin-operated washers & dryers
  3. Publishes SCOPE, a quarterly member magazine with a circulation of 11,000
  4. Conducts regular (quarterly?) educational conferences

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