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Contains the first transiting planet found by the French COROT mission. It was discovered during a test run and promises to be the first of many detected. One of the largest exoplanets found (and least dense), it has about Jupiter's mass, but 50% more diameter. The planet later became the first exoplanet whose phases were detected from Earth.

Corot-exo System Web Pages

Corot-exo System Artwork

Corot-exo System In the News

Corot's First Planet Discovered (2007)

First Phases in Exoplanet Detected (2009)

Corot-exo System Fun Links

System Factoids

  • System contains a sunlike star and an inflated hot jupiter.
  • 1,500 light years away in the constellation Monoceros.

Corot-exo Star Factoids

  • A sunlike star

Planet b Star Factoids

  • Inflated hot jupiter
  • Orbits once every 1.5 days
  • Is 1.3 times as massive as Jupiter and 1.65 times as wide.
  • Has a density of 5231.8 kg/m^3
  • Discovered May 1 2007, announced May 3
  • First planet discovered by Corot using the transit method.

Map of Corot-exo System

0.00 AU - Corot-exo
x.xx AU - <periapsis/semi-major-axis/apapsis of sample planet>
x.xx AU - <habitability zone/stability zone/disk feature positions>

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