Coaches is a Story from Percy the Small Engine and Friends.


  • Percy as Thomas
  • Edward as James
  • and more


  • Coaches: AAAAH We've want a proper engine not a blue puffball
  • Narrator: Soon Edward went on and started off
  • Edward: Come along Come along
  • Coaches: We won't We won't
  • Narrator: as soon Edward pulled the screaming coaches he hurryed up and this time the acxclues will grow up and the trouble started just right and each time Edward will start determind not the beet them
  • Coaches: GIVE UP GIVE UP You can't pull us You can't You can't
  • Edward: I can and I will I can and I will
  • Narrator: Slowy but shawly he pulled along the line then they reached up Bulgy's bridge
  • Driver: Look out for Trouble Edward we'll go faster and get them up before they know it don't let them stop you
  • Narrator: So Edward went fast and soon they were all up
  • Edward: I'm doing it I'm doing it will the bridge ever come
  • and more


Sneetches (Dr.Seuss)

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