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DEJ just moved to Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. See the map.

We will all use the map and this page here to build a site about where we've gone out to eat and drink and how much we enjoyed it!


From the point of view of a Bostonian, this is the shittiest CVS you've ever seen. But it's still a CVS, making it better than any Duane Reade, Rite Aid, or Walgreens can ever be. Extracare coupons make saving - aka spending - fun!


Pacifico Restaurant has very delicious guacamole and baja (fish) tacos. Here is the menu. There is a working doctor's scale in the bathroom so you can see how much weight you've gained from the beginning to the end of your meal.


Tony's Hardware and Plumbing Supplies is an old-school hardware store with great service. They helped me out when I was making a curtain rod out of a mop handle, and then when that didn't work, out of a length of copper pipe. One of the owners was talking about how he pulls his own teeth and just washes the socket with salt water.


Opened in 2008 in the grand, 48-foot-high space of the former Independence Bank. A sign notes that it's still a savings institution! Apparently a good place to see the clash between a national chain that thinks it knows how to do business, and New Yorkers who do things their own way, like not shopping for everything in the same store. Closes at 9 for some reason.


The home of DEJ, Sophie, PJ, and Hisashi (humans), Betsy and Theo (poodles), and Maggie (cat).

The building was built as a firehouse, though it hasn't been one for 140 years. This is a picture.

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