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  • Mr. Delmas as Manny
  • Ulrich as Sid
  • Odd as Diego
  • Jeremie as Scrat
  • Kiwi as Roshan
  • Sykes (from Oliver and Company) as Soto
  • Roscoe (from Oliver and Company) as Lenny
  • DeSoto (from Oliver and Company) as Zeke
  • Fidget (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Oscar
  • Mrs. Hertz as Ellie
  • Herb as Crash
  • Nicolas as Eddie
  • Aelita as Scratte
  • Jim as Buck
  • Sissi as Peaches
  • The Kid (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Ethan
  • Hiroki as Louis
  • Yumi as Granny
  • Numbuh 5 (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Shira
  • William as Captain Gutt
  • Buzz (from Cyberchase) as Squint
  • Delete (from Cyberchase) as Flynn
  • Toilenator (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Gupta
  • Cree Lincoln (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Raz
  • Iago (from Aladdin) as Silas
  • Chief (from The Fox and The Hound) as Boris

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