Code Monkeys is an American-Japanese animated program created by Glen Murakami (of Teen Titans fame). The series is a spin-off of the 2007 G4 animated series, Code Monkeys. Some of the main characters of the series are based on the famous webcomic series, Penny Lane. The series is about two teenagers who find an abandoned arcade cabinet in which teleports the characters in a video-game world set in the 1980s. Adam de la Pena, creator of Code Monkeys, reprised his role as Dave, even though he had nothing to do with the production of the show.

The series aired in Cartoon Network in 2011. The theme song was similar to the previous series, Code Monkeys by Jonathan Coulton. The series gets picked up for a third season. An official TV movie premiered titled "Code Monkeys: Raiders of the Lost Internet" which aired in October 19, 2011.

The show got picked up for a fourth season. According to Glen's Twitter account, it is stating that a new human character is being introduced. Which happened in the fourth season premiere in December 21, 2011, a boy named Tybor who is voiced by Adam Hicks.

Accoring to Glen's Twitter account, the show is renewed for a fifth season. It has been revealed that due to money issues and animation budgets, the fifth season will be the show's last. Leo Howard leaves the show for "Ninja Tai" and "Genie Family" and gets replaced by Hutch Dano. The two-part series finale "The Final Ending" is going to air. The first part aired in May 1, 2012 which was five months after the ending of the fourth season.


The series takes place 21 years after the original Code Monkeys series. Dave, a slacker programmer of GameaVision, is now inheir of his company after Mr. Larrity announced his retirement. Dave has now married by an unidentified women and has a child named Gabe. Gabe, along with his best friend, Tycho (the son of Dave's best friend, Jerry) enter a local arcade as they find a dusty mysterious arcade game in which they played, they were mysteriously transported into a fictional video-game universe called "The World" which was about to be destroyed by an evil computer virus named F.H.A.C.I.V. (Fast Hacking Active Computer International Virus) so it's up for Gabe and Tycho to save the world.


The series features two animation styles that frequently change throughout the series. The entire series takes place in California in the present day, regardless of the year. The modern world is presented as a Japanese anime cartoon similar to that of an English dubbed anime transformed into a laserdisc arcade game. The show is animated with Adobe Flash and cartoon animation as an inspiration from Japanese animation. The show's anime-style characters perform with large comedic overuses of face faults, such as a face and/or body turning into an exaggerated general appearance, or becoming much smaller. This allowed animators to have more control over how a character looks and acts than on many other Flash shows, and they didn't always have to be on-model. The show uses clichés common to anime, including the sweat drop, lines over the eyes or no eyes at all, big heads, flaming eyes, bodies becoming smaller.

When the characters stat to play The World, the scene where the mysterious glowing hand grabs both of the characters into the sceen to be transported in the game was animated with Maya on CGI. When the characters are in The World, it as animated in 8-bit. In The World, the show takes place in the 1980s in which it makes numerous references to video games, past and present, but mostly those from the 8-bit era including River City Ransom, Castlevania, Mega Man,Contra, Ikari Warriors, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario Bros. Code Monkeys is presented as though it were an 8-bit video game. In keeping with this format, characters, backgrounds and other objects are rendered with an 8-bit color palette, occasionally leading to trouble animating specific objects. Most episodes begin with a screen flashing "PLAYER 1 START!";[2] episodes end with a black "GAME OVER" screen. The show also features status bars at the top and bottom of the frame, which display a running counter of points earned by the characters doing video game-like actions in each episode, a health meter for the current characters, narrative asides based on certain characters' actions or dialogue, and other humorous sayings or pictures based on an episode's story line.

The fifth season features a change to the production style. There is a host in the series now, featuring a live-action version of Gabe (now played by Hutch Dano) introduces his lair. When he presses the button, he slides down into a slide similar to the McDonald's Playplace Slides transforming from a live-action person into an anime cartoon character. The production change led to the cancellation of the series.

TV movie

An official TV movie aired in October 2011 titled Code Monkeys: Raiders of the Lost Internet. The plot for the movie is about a hacker who resembles a human version of FHACIV creates an MMORPG version of The World in which the original World keeps disappearing.

The song, Code Monkeys by Johnathan Coulton, was extended in which Johnathan Coulton and Leo Howard sing. Howard did the voice of Gabe singing the song and most of the lyrics were changed in order to make the song appropriate for kids. Instead of frustation of junior programmer's life in dead-end programming jobs, the theme of it was life as a video-game loving school student who rather plays video-games instead of going to school.


  • Leo Howard (Season 1 & 2) - Gabe Gomez
  • Jake T. Austin - Gregory "Tycho" Ellsworth
  • Adam de la Pena - Dave Gomez
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - CommandPrompt
  • Janice Kawaye - Visual C.
  • Brian Tochi - Notepad
  • John Moschitta, Jr. - Flash
  • Dana Snyder - Oz the Video-Game Wizard/The Codemaster
  • Adam Hicks - Tybor Williams
  • Hutch Dano - Gabe Gomez


  • Johnathan "Gabe" Alejandro Gabriel Gomez: The son of the new manager and owner of GameaVision, Dave. Gabe is shown as a lazy slacker who spends his time playing video-games with his best friend, Tycho. Gabe is very happy that his father gave him a lifetime supply of quarters for the Mixoplex video arcade & fun. Gabe's avatar nanite is a knight as a homage to King Arthur Pendragon. He is voiced by Leo Howard who left the show for another animated series and the production of Kickin It. Hutch Dano voices him later on.
  • Gregory "Tycho" Brahe-Ellsworth: The adoptive son of Jerry, the best friend of Dave who is Gabe's father. Tycho is Gabe's best friend who is intellegent, smart and reads alot. His favorite genre of games are RPG's and he is a fan of Harry Potter. Despite his awkward appearance, he seems to be very nice and cool. Tycho's avatar nanite is an Edo-period ronin based on Hattori Hanzo. He is voiced by Jake T. Austin.
  • Oz the Video-Game Wizard: A Code Monkeys 2 counterpart of GameaVision's programmer, Todd. Oz is the owner of the Mixoplex arcade who showed the two boys the arcade game in the first place. He speaks in wisdom advice and has a discount on tokens during half-days and holidays. He is voiced by Dana Snyder, who also voices Todd and is the only actor, besides Adam, to reprise his role.
  • The Codemaster: The king of The World who is deemed as a maginicifent warrior. He used to hae the power to overweilm FHACIV but the virus downloaded a bug on his data causing his powers to disapepar step by step. The Codemaster is likely to be Oz as his appearance, voice and his knowledge of video-games seems to indicate the resemblance. He is also voiced by Dana Snyder.
  • CommandPrompt: A Code Monkeys 2 counterpart of Black Steve. CommandPrompt is an African-American video game character who is deemd as a goblin. He has little to no similarities to Black Steve except instead of being a racist, he is a sexist having a hatred of all females. He is named after the CommandPrompt (or cmd) for Microsoft Windows. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • Visual C: A Code Monkeys 2 counterpart of Mary Mitchell. Visual C is the only female member of the Video Fighting Force. She is deemed as a pirate and weilds a magical golden sword that takes away anybody's life. Tycho's feelings for Visual C is similar to Jerry's feelings for Mary. She is named after a video-game program in Windows called Visual C. She is voiced by Janice Kawaye.
  • Notepad: A Code Monkeys 2 counterpart of Benny. Notepad is a Japanese video-game character who is deemed as a shogun. Notepad speaks flunt English but speaks virtual Japanese from time to time. He reveals that he used to be a video-game guinea pig who was a 12-year old boy testing out new video-games while eating crumbily crunchies (parody of Cheez Doodles or Cheetos). Notepad's name is a reference to Window's Notepad. He is voiced by Revenge of the Nerds' actor, Brian Tochi.
  • Flash: One of the only members of the Video Fighting Force not to be a counterpart of a character from the original Code Monkeys series. Flash is a warrior who is deemed as a Spring Heeled Jack-type character as he runs with incredible speed and bounces as well. He spekas in really fast dialogue. His art style on his costume are based on Marvels The Flash. His name is based on an animation/game program, Adobe Macromdia Flash. He is voiced by John Moschitta, Jr, known as the fast-talker in the world getting 508 words per minute.
  • FHACIV: An evil virus who's weilding is to take over both the video-game world and the real-world. His real name is Fast Hacking Active Computer International Virus. He is literally based on Xana from Code Lyoko as there both evil viruses. He has no voice over since he never had speaking parts yet.
  • Dave Gomez: The father of Gabe who was the main protagonist in the original Code Monkey series. In 2011, he became the inheir of GameaVision after Mr. Larrity announced his retirement. Dave is only shown in minimum episodes. He is voiced by Adam de la Pena who reprises his role from the original series.
  • Tybor Williams: A foreign exchange student from Czeslovica who speaks with an Americanized accent. He is friends with Tycho and is the only one who knows their secret. He is a new character in the Code Monkey series. He is voiced by Adam Hicks.

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