• Numbuh 60 as Basil Fawlty
  • Numbuh 5 as Sybil Fawlty
  • Numbuh 1 as Manuel
  • Numbuh 362 as Polly
  • Trevor as Major
  • Numbuh 2 as Mr. Hamilton (Numbuh 2 and Mr. Hamilton are both American)
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan as German Guest (Heinrich Von Marzipan and German Guest are both German)


Waldorf Salad

  • Numbuh 2: I want a Waldorf Salad.
  • Numbuh 60: I beg your pardon?
  • Numbuh 2: Get me a Waldorf Salad.
  • Numbuh 60: Well, I think we just ran out of wardolfs!

The Germans

  • Heinrich Von Marzipan: Can ve help you?
  • Numbuh 60: Oh, you speak english.
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan: Uf course.

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