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  • Noddy (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures) as Captain Star
  • Numbuh 1 as Ten Cents
  • Numbuh 60 as Big Mac
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan as Top Hat
  • Joe Balooka as Warrior
  • The Kid as Hercules
  • Numbuh 4 as Sunshine
  • Sidney as Grampus
  • Numbuh 362 as Lillie Lightship (Non-Speaking Role)
  • Vin Moosk as Scuttlebutt Pete
  • Gobbo the Goblin (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures) as Captain Zero
  • Father as Zorran
  • Chad Dickson as Zebedee
  • Knightbrace as Zak
  • King Sandy as Zug
  • James Nixon McGarfield as Zip
  • Stickybeard as Sea Rogue
  • Black John Licorice as Sea Rogue's Uncle
  • Chewy and Gooey as The Green-Eyed Things

Voice Cast

  • Patrick Allen - Noddy
  • Mike Mulloy - King Sandy and Gobbo the Goblin
  • Simon Nash - Numbuh 1
  • John Baddeley - James Nixon McGarfield and Heinrich Von Marzipan
  • Shaun Prendergast - Numbuh 4, Knightbrace and Black John Licorice
  • Lee Cornes - Numbuh 2
  • Nigel Anthony - Stickybeard, Numbuh 60 and The K
  • Sean Barrett - Vin Moosk, Joe Balooka, Chewy and Gooey


  • Noddy (Narrating): I'll remember the time, We'll all had the long hard day, But there is one more job to do. And there's Numbuh 1 was first kid, who he nearly forgot it, The objects were needed to go down with Vin Moosk The Russian Tie Hunter, so they could start working the first thing in the morning, I knew Numbuh 1 wasn't too happy, it is not because he was late, It's all because the villains were on the same job.
  • King Sandy: Hey look James, Look what the wind blew in, Goody-Goody british kid.
  • Numbuh 1: Ahoy Sandy!, Hey, do you want this box from the candy store?
  • King Sandy: Too late for today, My friend.
  • Numbuh 1: Too Late?, you don't this stuff until morning.
  • James Nixon McGarfield: We'll might have?
  • King Sandy: No point now, It will be dark soon.
  • Numbuh 1: Don't bug me, I have a busy day, So, Where do you want it?
  • King Sandy: He's a beaver, isn't he?
  • James Nixon McGarfield: Well, got the reputation to lived upto Duke King Sandy, one of the best humans in the neighbourhood.
  • King Sandy: Yawn, yawn, All work and no play, makes Numbuh 1, a dull Kids Next Door Operative.
  • Numbuh 1: Look, do you want this, or I'll shall take it back?
  • King Sandy: Round by the old quay, If you're not too worn out.
  • Noddy (Narrating): James Nixon McGarfield and King Sandy were in for a surprise the very next morning.
  • King Sandy: Hey!, where is it?, I told Numbuh 1 to leave that box right here, James!
  • James Nixon McGarfield: Round by the old quay you said, Sandy, or, very worse?
  • King Sandy: All of the Kids Next Door Operative, who could be relied on?
  • James Nixon McGarfield: Oh, we'll catch him from Noddy.
  • King Sandy: Hahahahahe, He will, when I would tell him, He'll be right in it. Hey, You!
  • Numbuh 1: What do you want?
  • King Sandy: A word?
  • Numbuh 1: Noddy wants to see me.
  • King Sandy: we Want to see him as well, You didn't deliever our box.
  • Numbuh 1: Of Course I did.
  • James Nixon McGarfield: It's not where it should be, is it?
  • King Sandy: And he'll get the blame.
  • Numbuh 1: But I deliever it, Yeah, I deliever it round by the old quay, you'll saw me.
  • King Sandy: Not there now.
  • Numbuh 1: Ya move it to wind me up.
  • King Sandy: You have double crossed us, knave!
  • Numbuh 1: I am not, so you take that back!
  • James Nixon McGarfield: No, no, hang on, I was only...
  • Noddy: What's going on out there?
  • King Sandy: Oh, Noddy, Numbuh 1 didn't deliever our box last night and...
  • Numbuh 1: I did, You know I did!
  • King Sandy: You did not, it's not here, it's not, it's not here.
  • Noddy: All right, That's enough, I'm already taken the clints, on your way now.
  • James Nixon McGarfield: Right your majesty!
  • King Sandy (Singsong Voice): Have a nice day, Numbuh 1!, Hehehaha!
  • The Kid: Oh, good work, Me Dears!
  • Numbuh 1: Thanks, The Kid!
  • Sidney: Thanks The Kid, So I'm Off To Get Some Rest!
  • Numbuh 1: Thanks Sidney!, James Nixon McGarfield and King Sandy, I wonder reword with them?, Well we don't know what we have done without your help?
  • King Sandy: Well, somebody had to flushed them out, and so we waited.
  • James Nixon McGarfield: We'd never really thought you stole the boxes of candies and sand castles.
  • Numbuh 1: Oh no, You couldn't fool me.
  • Numbuh 4: Weren't you just the little bit scared, mate?
  • King Sandy: No!, nothing would scare us, does it, James?
  • James Nixon McGarfield: No, Sandy, mind the explosion candies!
  • King Sandy and James Nixon McGarfield: Ahhahhh! Ahhahhh!
  • King Sandy: Ahhahh!
  • James Nixon McGarfield: Ahhahhh!
  • King Sandy: Ahhahh!
  • Numbuh 4: They were move pretty fast, when they were not scared, eh?
  • Numbuh 1: They were certainly do!
  • Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 4: Hahahahaha!

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