is a game special from 4KidsTV Show. Codename Kids Next Door is a Cartoon Network Interactive to Bestest Game in the Year of Nintendo Gamecube Released in 2005 Movie-Time Game.


and so, Kids Next Door having Biggest Party Time for Beaten plan action of Operatives. to Best Fun Numbuh 1, Meanwhile Father to gets Villains to brought back and destroy them! plan guide to create monsters from Zedd & Rita's army to bring Wedding Guest Monsters to gets next time, and brought family of Tremaine from Cinderella II Dreams Come True. as Lady Tremaine Anastasia Drizella Lucifer and Pom-Pom are ally villains from Mickey's House of Villains as Jafar Captain Hook Ursula Cruella de Vil and Hades to destroy plan Evil, so Delightful Children to create and destroy them as Monsters to as King Sphinx Pudgy Pig Eye Guy Shellshock Mutitus Cyclops Goatan Soccadillo Rhinoblaster Commander Crayfish and Mutant Rangers Pirantishead Turbanshell and also Beetleborgs Monsters to brought back from Borgslayer's faces as Kombat Knat Mucant and Malavex to destroy them to create as...SPD Criminals from back as Gruumm's friend named Slate as Sinuku Tomars Hydrax Bugglesworth Rhinix and Devastation, to ultimate evil villanous from Father's army of biggest badest of all time and gets..."Destroy The Kids Next Door!!!" including Gramma Stuffum Common Cold Count Spankulot Stickybeard Knightbrace Toiletnator Josie Lord Darkar Shredder Hun Baxter Dark Oak Cobra Commander and Baroness, also Gramma Stuffum to create A Shrinkasect Monster to seen from Borgslayer's faces with Kombat Knat Mucant and Malavex to destroy known as...Kids Next Door Numbuhs 1-5!. to gets Enter...King K. Rool. and also Father to recreate Abyss of Evil to brought from Thunder Storm from Dino Thunder as Blue Face General Trayf Wolfblades Chin Dragon and Bald Loser to destroy known at...Numbuh 1 of the Kids Next Door World...Forever!

Playthrough 1 (Magical Doremi)

to Numbuhs 1-5 to the fight against at...Josie Harlington. and so, Numbuh 1 defeat Josie.

Playthrough 2 (Winx Club)

Lord Darkar wants to fight with Numbuh 4. to Numbuh 4 defeats Darkar, to traveling it time.

Playthrough 3 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003)

Numbuh 1 to fight against at Shredder. to Numbuh 1 defeats at Shredder.

Playthrough 4 (Sonic X)

Numbuh 1 to prepare a battle with Dark Oak. and so Dark Oak is defeated by Numbuh 1 to COOLBUS went away from defeater Dark Oak, Dark Oak wants to gets Next Time to bring biggest badest of all as including General Benaag Mesomonster Turbanshell Wolfbane Silo Amphibitor Big Burpa Shrinkasect Graxxis LottaMuggs Garganturat Amphead Cyber Serpent Dicehead Porkasaurus Mucant Crimson Creep Unctuous Super Grenade Guy Kombat Knat Hypnomanic Evil Eye Blue Face Mad Magnet Copybot Terramole Amphibidor Florabundacus Snipster Toxipod Bopp-A-Roo General Trayf Madtropolis Hip Hopper Starvark Tentacreep Magic Moustache Skyscrapper Sucker Fragra DJ Drummond Footzilla Slob Goblin Wolfblades Goldwinger Condortron Catatonia Chin Dragon Bald Loser and Morty Board. to gets Biggest Army Incredibly known army leader as...Dark Oak to tries Super...Kill Numbuh 1 of the K.N.D.!!

Playthrough 5 (GI Joe Sigma 6)

Numbuh 1 wants to prepare a battle as Baroness to fight them, and plan Numbuh 2 to fighting against at Cobra Commander to Numbuh 2 defeats Cobra Commander to Numbuh 1 beats Baroness to having date Baroness hugging for Numbuh 1 to love of date to goodbye them to destroy as...Father from K.N.D.

The Final of 4Kids TV Show of the Gametime of Gamecube, The Final Boss Father from the K.N.D.

Numbuh 1 to the final battle with from KND Archenemy as...Father. and so Numbuh 1 defeats Father from the end of Game Best of K.N.D.! to win Numbuh 1 to the prizing choising award give for Numbuh 86 to fun and them Toiletnator to gonna have as...Turbanshell to destroy everything plan for gets Twist of Time for the Wedding Guest of Monsters to Biggest Time to create as Toiletnator to gets as..."Next Time".


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