Codename Kids Next Door Operation INTERVIEWS: The Movie

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is a direct-to-video special of Kids Next Door The Final Mission Operation INTERVIEWS. Numbuhs 1-5 to goes into The Final Mission to the Defeat The Final Enemy as...Father with DCFDTL to Gets Enter...The Delightful Children's Birthday Cake for the Villains of KND For as Two Monsters from Rita as Fighting Flea and Slippery Shark.

Various Best of Father's Monsters! in Scavenger Hunt

To Flea or Not to Flee
On Fins and Needles
The Mutiny
The Wanna-Be Ranger
Putty on the Brain
Bloom of Doom (Episode)
The Power Stealer
The Beetle Invasion
Welcome to Venus Island
The Green Dream
The Song of Guitardo
Green No More

Big Awarding for $20.00 Money Time Pay of VHS as...Beetleborgs Metallix The Movie (1998)

Beetleborgs Metallix The Movie
is a big awarding for...Beetleborgs Metallix The Movie.

BBM Episodes for BBBB to the creator in as...SSBB (2008).

  • Borgslayer
  • Vexor's Last Laugh
  • Crush of the Crustaeans
  • Metallix Rising
  • Battle Station Alerts

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