sturmelle15's movie-spoof of "Mickey's House of Villains".


  • Cody(The Rescuers Down Under) as Mickey Mouse
  • XR(Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) as Donald Duck
  • Kronk(The Emperor's New Groove) as Goofy
  • Penny(The Rescuers) as Minnie Mouse
  • Mira Nova(Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) as Daisy Duck
  • Percival McLeach(The Rescuers Down Under) as Jafar
  • Toucan Dan(Timon & Pumbaa) as Iago
  • Gaston(Beauty and the Beast) as Captain Hook
  • Yzma(The Emperor's New Groove) as Cruella DeVil
  • Madame Medusa(The Rescuers) as Ursula
  • Warp Darkmatter(Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) as Hades
  • Disney Villains played "It's Our House Now!" by:
    • Angel Marie(Muppet Treasure Island) as Pete
    • Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine(Cinderella) as The Female Ghosts from "The Haunted


    • Stromboli(Pinocchio), Amos Slade(The Fox and the Hound), Edgar(The Aristocats), The Ringmaster(Dumbo), Clayton(Tarzan), the Stabbington Brothers(Tangled) and Governor Ratcliffe(Pocahontas) as Captain Hook's Pirates
    • Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch(The Black Cauldron) as The 3 Fates
    • Zira and Vitani(The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride) as Si and Am
    • The Wicked Queen(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) as Maleficent
    • Dragon(Shrek) as Dragon Maleficent
    • The Horned King(The Black Cauldron) as Chernabog
    • Savio(The Penguins of Madagascar) as Kaa
    • Aunt Figg(Tom & Jerry: the Movie) as The Queen of Hearts
    • Frollo's Guards(The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and Ringmaster's Guards(Dumbo) as Card Soliders
    • Anchor and Chum(Finding Nemo) as Pain and Panic
    • Steele(Balto) as The Big Bad Wolf
    • Other Villains as Disney Villains

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