Cohh-han is a key character in the Virtual Alpine game. However, don't level her up too much, for you will have to fight her in the end. She tricked Hajuon, Horahn, and Bhrao into thinking that she used to be evil, and now she has changed sides, therefore allowing her to use dark magic in front of them at no cost. She led the group to each water sack of power, which power the Oracle of Water, and used each of their skills to retrieve them, hoping she could destroy all the water sacks, the son of the water oracle, the future electricity oracle, the most skilled fighter in VA, the Virtual Alpine necklace, and the toughest person in VA all at once. You can see her plan would have worked if it had not been for Yrashto's dragon-bone bracelet giving him superhuman power at the last minute. Although it was Hajuon's Ice Bow that delivered the final blow, Yrashto provided the time he needed to grab it and sneak around to the back of her. Cohh-han realized what was going on, and tried to move, but Horahn paralyzed her with an electrical shock so Hajuon could adjust his aim. Obviously, she brought more than she could handle. It was her own jealousy of more infamous villains that led to her downfall.

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