(There is a logo reading "Disney's COLBY: A CHRISTMAS CAROL").

[cut to me in the front door of the bathroom.]

Me: Oh, hi! Colby here, and I'm closing up the washroom here for the night and, um-


Mung Daal: Mr. Grumble's in the tree again.


Me: Well, tell him to get out! Sorry about that. We're having a little holiday party in the washroom and all my friends have come over for a visit. Care to join us? Follow me. Every year the whole world finds a reason to celebrate the seasons. The whole New Year. The longest night. Oh, there's lots of stories to go along at this time of year. Everyone has their favourites.


Me: Oh, we better check this out.

(Cut to Mr. Grumble, Annoying Orange and Marzipan looking at Candace stuck under a Christmas tree.)

(People mumble on and on and on)

Me: OK; first thing's first. Get out of the tree, Mr. Grumble.

Candace: Get the tree off of me!

Me: OK. (does as I am told)

Candace: Next time, let's stop grumbling and set up the tree.

Bert: For once, she's right.

Patrick: We should put something heavy under the base. So it doesn't fall again.

(I go get something heavy)

Ron Weasley: We got food! Follow me!

Widget: Not bad. Not bad at all. Needs some tinsel.

Mr. Happy: Wait a minute. We're not all here. Where's the Thomas cast?

(Snow falls through our door)

Henry: Whoahaohaoahaoahaoahaohaoahaohaoahoahaoahoahaoahoahaoahoahaoha! Haahwaowawhawohaheyheyhey!

Vulpix: Close the door, you're letting the snow in!

Sunshine: Where have you been?

Me: Are you OK, Gordon?

Gordon: Yes. (gordon Falls)

Rheneas: Careful, you'll squish it.

Me: Weather's getting rough out there, isn't it?

Duke: Yeah, you said it. It's a blizzard. We might get snowed in here.

Pear: What did you say?

Mr. Fussy: Something about being "Snowed In."

Doktor Frogg: That sounds like fun.

Homsar: This is supposed to be a holiday party, not a donner party.

Snape: Oh, relax. We have all the snacks.

Mr. Greedy: Food?! I'm starving!

Dumbledore: Oh, please. You're not starving. You're just expressing a superstition of moderate hunger!


Mr. Topsy-Turvy: Here in cold it's!

Gutsy Smurf: Can't we turn up the heat, laddie?

Me: We have lots of heat. We have the fire....

Mr. Grumpy: And we got blankets!

The Knight: We got hot cocoa! (Owen sips at the cocoa)

Me: And we have each other!

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