Discussion topics:


  • Visualization - reinforce the part of visualization in the proposed projects
  • Image Processing - reinforce the part of image processing in the proposed projects


  • Funding - funding possibilities
  • Overview - need for overall view of ongoing EU and intl. projects on topics discussed
  • Partnerships - Codicology, networking and image processing are well represented in the present partnerships, so that there is a need for at least two other areas: history (philology, economics, biographies, geography, politics, art history, religion, intellectual studies) and Semantic Web applications (we have to automate data mining processes in order to facilitate historical work).


  • Compatibility
  • Identifier - an unique identifier for the elements of a codex: edition, exemplar, paper, type, binding
  • Authorities - compatible list of authorities
  • Places - common list of place names
  • Terminology - common description terminology

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