The Colledge Files are a log of everything to do with the Rivers these are locations the group have been to. Also it has many other things like monster who were fought.

Team Members

001 Emma Smith

002 Claire Barnett

003 Laura Bond

004 Jessie Daniels

005 Steph Colledge

006 Jane Fairbanks

007 Scott Curtis

008 Maria Hart

009 Dean Reardon

010 Zack Zindine

011 Emma Davison

012 Stacy Hart

013 Emily Matters

014 Keith Rainer

015 Lizzy Smith

016 Jamie Jackson

017 Primrose Windsor

018 Zoe O'Chapel


001 Dawn Davie

002 Angie Smith

003 John Smith

004 Jessie Small

005 Joe Murdoc

006 Kim Knight

007 Hannah Farmer

008 Barry Charles

009 Emma Davison


001 Kingsteigton

002 Kingskerswell

003 Decoy

004 Chudleigh

005 Plymouth

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