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College Vendors Guide to Marketing and Sales

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Definition: An Institution of Higher Education (IHE) defined as a post-secondary, degree-granting, accredited college or univeristiy. Included are two-year, junior and community colleges, 4-year colleges, 4-year universities, graduate schools of law, medicine, etc., research univerisites. Not included are post-secondary schools like trade schools, beauty schools.

Market size: Value: University Business estimates the U.S. college and university market size to be approximately $320B, based on US Dept of Education estimates, projected through 2007. This number includes all expenditures by all U.S. Institutions of Higher Education.

Number of institutions: Approximately 4,500 IHEs exist in the USA. The exact number depends on the definition of distinct insitutions, e.g. the State University of New York is one institution, however it has many distinctly different campuses, e.g. SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Albany, etc.

Number of students: Currently there are an estimated 16 million full- and part-time students enrolled in IHEs in the U.S. This number has increased steadily by about 1% per year over the past 15 years, and DOE projections estimate similar growth through 2025.

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