He is a Character from The Jungle Book.

Colonel Hathi

As Mufasa in The Mammoth King

Colonel Hathi meets Squidward, Owl, Winifred, Hathi Jr. Manny and Ellie

As Yao in Tigress (Mulan)

Colonel Hathi meets Tigress, Danny, Bagheera, and Boog

As Walrus in Kiara in Wonderland

Colonel Hathi meets Buzzy the Vulture

As 3rd Guard in The Meerkat's New Groove

He is a Cameos.

As Sheep Genie in Ericladdin

He is a Cameos.

As One of Indians in Danny Pan

He is a Cameos.

As Ares, the God of Wars in Skunkules

Colonel Hathi attacks Titans

As Sarge in Mammal Story 1, 2, and 3

Colonel Hathi meets Danny

As Elephant Abu in Tiggerladdin

Colonel Hathi meets Tigger

As Razoul in Simbaladdin

Colonel Hathi arrested Simba

As Thorny in A Jungle Animal's Life

Colonel Hathi told Simba to Get Back in Line

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