The color powers is grouped in different types. Fiark has the Fire Color, so his Color type is Regular.


Regular Colors

The Regular Colors have the abbility to shoot waves and beams. Like Fiark and Mizu's Colors, they shoot out beams and waves. The Regular Colors is also different body tekniques like the Flower and Length Colors. Whit the Flower Color you can grow more arms or bind you opponent whit flowers, and whit the Length Color you can strech you arm and foot and body. Here are the known Regular Colors:

  • Fire Color(Fiark)
  • Water Color(Mizu)
  • Thunder Color(Thunder)
  • Length Color(Lengthy)
  • Flower Color(Hana)
  • Sand Color(Miko)
  • Wind Color(Kaze)
  • Paper Color(Astro)

Summon Colors

The Summon Colors can summon weapons or wood or rock that can be throwed at the enemy. Examples of Summon Color is Hutz and Rock's Color. Hutz summons leafs and throws them like senbons. Same as Rock who summons stones and rocks. Here is the list of the Summon Colors:

  • Grass Color(Hutz)
  • Stone Color(Rock (Colors!))
  • Weapon Color(Ninja)
  • Data Color(Bitt)
  • Wood Color(Koran)
  • Bomb Color(Sutaro)
  • Music Color(Mozart)

Transform Colors

The Transform Color let's you transform into an animal or a monster. You can also turn your body into cube or a sumo or more grown. Here's a list of this type of color:

  • Dragon Color(Goku)
  • Monster Color(Monster)
  • Sumo Color(Sumo)
  • Cube Color(Axe-Raxe)
  • Creature Color(Muro)
  • Growth Color(Kagou)
  • Octo Color(Sacro)
  • Power Color(Murasaki)

Other Colors

This Color is the type that Skilla has, the Zombie Color. A person whit this Color can't shoot beams or waves, he can't summon enything or transform into something, but you can have enldess flying or endless life like the Zombie Color. Here's the list of the Other Colors:

  • Zombie Color(Skilla)
  • Metal Color(Katsuro)
  • Glass Color(G)

Special Colors

This is a Regular Color, Summoning Color and a Transformatio Color at the same time. This is what Black has done, taken different Colors into each other and crates his own Color. Here's the list of his creation:

  • Black Color(Black)
  • Spike Color(Tobi)
  • Animal Color(Kari)
  • Lava Color(Jugo)
  • Ice Color(Suzuki)

Unknown Colors

This is an unknown Color Type:

  • Spider Color(Taki)

Kekkai Genkai

Every Color user has a Kekkai Genkai, it's a superform whit up to four levels. But higher levels can be difficult to use when you don't really is that strong. The levels goes after you anger, so Fiark is the perfect man for it, but he learns how to use it. Fiark is the only one that has been shown using Level 2,3 and 4 yet.



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