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Color is a upcoming Manga/Anime that will be first shown in year 2009 or 2010. The serie is about a boy called Fiark. The reason why the serie is called COLORS!, is becouse it's about Planet Color, and everyone from that planet has a color. An example of a color is the color Fiark has, is the Fire Color, that let's him shot fire out of his hands.


The history of COLORS!, is about a evil man called Black from the Planet Color. He plans to collect all the Color Powers in the world. Everyone that tries to stop him dies. Only two hero colors har survived, Hutz(Grass Color) and Mizu(Water Color). Another boy, Fiark had been transported to the earth. The reason and backrounds of Fiark is still unknown. The planet color was destroyed and a thousands of colors where tossed to other planets, but Black is after Earth.

Black Army

The Black Army is grouped in six groups, and there is one leader in each group, that means that there is a total of six leaders. The first leuge is under Black, but the rest of the group is unknown. Here is all the leaders:

  • 1st Leuge:Black(Black Color)
  • 2nd Leuge:Kaku(Swordman)
  • 3rd Leuge:Mozart(Music Color)
  • 4th Leuge:Muro(Creature Color)
  • 5th Leuge:Axe-Raxe(Cube Color)
  • 6th Leuge:Kain(Wizard)

Manga Chapters

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