The Columbia Pictures logo originally appeared in 1919. The first model for the logo is unknown, although Bette Davis claimed that Claudia Dell was used [1].

From 1936 to 1976, the Columbia "Torch Lady" appeared with shimmering light behind her. Taxi Driver was the last film to use the "Torch Lady" in her classic appearance.

In 1976, Columbia (like other studios) experimented with a new logo. It began with the familiar lady with a torch, but the torch-light rays then formed an abstract blue semi-circle depicting the top half of the rays of light, with the name of the studio appearing under it. The television counterpart used only the latter part of the logo, and the semi-circle was either orange or red.

This logo was replaced with a modernized version of the "Torch Lady" in 1981. After Columbia's purchase by Coca-Cola, radio talk-show host Michael Jackson of KABC-AM joked that the Torch Lady should be holding a Coke bottle instead.

In 1993, the logo was repainted digitally by New Orleans artist Michael Deas. It has been rumoured that Annette Bening was the model, but in fact Deas used a model named Jenny Joseph. [2].

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