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Has the following internal payload racks at launch:

  • Biolab - supports experiments on micro-organisms, cells and tissue cultures, and even small plants and small insects.
  • EPM (European Physiology Modules Facility) - a set of experiments that will be used to investigate the effects of long-duration spaceflight on the human body. Experiment results will also contibute to an increased understanding of age-related bone loss, balance disorders and other ailments back on Earth.
  • FSL (Fluid Science Laboratory) - will accommodate experiments in the strange behaviour of weightless liquids. These too, could bring far-reaching benefits on Earth: better ways to clean up oil spills, for example, and even improved manufacture of optical lenses.
  • EDR (European Drawer Rack) - is a modular and flexible experiment carrier system for a large variety of scientific disciplines, providing basic accommodation and resources for experiment modules housed within standardised drawers and lockers.
  • ETC (European Transport Carrier) - accommodates items for transport and stowage. In orbit ETC will serve as a workbench and stowage facility.

Has the following external payloads at launch:

  • EuTEF (European Technology Exposure Facility) - carries experiments requiring exposure to the space environment.
  • SOLAR - a platform with three scientific instruments to study solar-related phenomena.

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