The Combined Armies Civil War was a conflict fought between the several factions that once made up the Combined Armies: the Corporate Sector Authority, the Dark Order, the Imperial Remnant, the Sith Empire, and the Dark Legion. Elements of the Har'Maggedon pirate organization and the Sar'ki society also participated at several points in the war.

Causes of the War

Collapse of the Combined Armies

Heiseto Leonhart, the leader of the Combined Armies and head of the Dark Order, fought and lost the Battle of Coruscant. This blow, followed quickly by the deaths of his two greatest allies, Emperor Kar and Darth Gritus, convinced him to leave the known galaxy for the Unknown Regions, taking his personal fleet with him. Their leaders gone, the members of the Combined Armies precariously held together, wary of each other, and looked to the head of the Dark Legion, Thomas Darque, for leadership. However, the now-leaderless Dark Order began to crumble politically, its allegiance to Thomas Darque dubious (and by the end of his reign, outright defiance). Then, Darque was killed during his failed Ascension. Rage, the Legion's second-in-command, was ready to fill Darque's role. The Dark Order took the opportunity to make its withdrawal from the Combined Armies complete. The CSA broke away, citing economic insecurity if it remained in the CA. General Kravett removed the Remnant from the CA to contend with his new border war against the Order and the CSA. Animosity between Sith and Legionnaires had already driven those two factions apart. With five different governments vying for power, the stage was set for civil war.

The War Commences

Beginnings of War

The Home Front

Collapse of the Dark Order

The Xal Front

The Ukio/Roon Front

The Blenjeel Front

The War Changes

The Battles of Hypori and Arbra

New Leadership in the Legion and the Sith Empire

The Remnant on the Offensive

Order Collapses

The Sith Risings and the Collapse of the Empire

The First Bothan Rebellion

Legion-Remnant Rivalry

Collapse of the Corporate Sector Authority

Last Gasps

The White Offensive

The Second Bothan Rebellion

Collapse of the Imperial Remnant

Battles of the War

(DO=Dark Order, SE=Sith Empire, IR=Imperial Remnant, DL=Dark Legion, CSA=Corporate Sector Alliance, *=victory, `=still going on)

-Battle of Blenjeel (IR* v. SE)

-Mission on Melida/Daan (IR v. SE*[to a degree]) mission but cut short due to Battle of Hypori

-First Battle of Ukio (SE* v. IR)

-Battle of Kowa (IR* v. SE)

-Unrest in Mon Calamari (by New Republic loyalists in IR); mostly put down

-Battle of New Holstice (IR* v. DO)

-Battle of Aargonar (IR* v. DO)

-Battle of Ruuri (CSA* v. DO)

-Battle of Mirial (CSA* v. DO)

-Battle of Ord Radama (CSA* v. DO)

-1st Battle of Xal 3 (SE* v. DL)

-Battle of Roon (IR* v. SE)

-Battle of Gala (IR* v. DO)

-Battle of Almania (CSA* v. DO)

-2nd Battle of Xal 3 (DL v. SE*)

-Unrest in Lianna (by Tion Hegemony loyalists in IR); mostly put down

-Battle of Vjun (IR* v. DO)

-Battle of Felucia (IR* v. DO)

-Battle of Vaynai (CSA* v. DO) and subesequent capture of Sernpidal by CSA from DO

-Unrest on Jaminere (by New Republic loyalists in IR); severely put down

-Battle of Maridun (IR* v. DO)

-Battle of Elom (IR* v. DO)

-Battle of Troiken (CSA* v. DO)

-Battle of Hypori (IR*[won more than the others] v. SE [got beat in the face] v. DL*[kinda] v. CSA [didn't do much])

-Battle of Yavin (IR* v. DO)

-Battle of Quermia (CSA* v. DO)

-Miriali Holocaust (CSA to previously DO citizens of Mirial)

-Battle of Endor (IR v. DL*)

-Second Battle of Ukio (IR* v. SE)

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